Protection of personal data

In the company MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. we are committed to the protection of personal data in accordance with the Rules on Personal Data Protection (General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council) and other applicable legislation. The privacy policy regulates the collection, storage and processing of personal data provided by MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. collects about you when you subscribe to services related to the company's activities (the policy applies to all who submit any personal information: guests of Vinica Castle, employees, job candidates, customers, suppliers, etc.). Persons accessing such data are obliged to use it only for a purpose that is in line with the GDPR, ie they have a legal basis, have a contract with you or have obtained consent from you. The data is carefully processed and adequately protected. 

Processing of personal data by external contractors 

When collecting and processing personal data about our users, we may also use our subcontractors to process this data, but only for the purposes stated in the purpose of collecting and processing data such as billing services, printing and sending invoices to customers. 
With our subcontractors, we clearly define what this data is, the security of transmission, the time of use and everything else that is important from the point of view of personal data protection. These subcontractors are obliged to respect the protection of personal data, and the use of this data for other purposes is strictly prohibited. 

Data collected

We obtain and process personal data for the purpose of providing our services. By filling in the document (registration / application / form / order form / consent / contract) and confirming it, you provide our company with the following personal data: Name and surname of the client, address, telephone number, e-mail, tax number, EMŠO, bank account. Depending on the service used, there may be less personal data.

Our company collects this information in a transparent manner and only with the full cooperation and awareness of the stakeholder. When this information is obtained, it is considered that:

  • Acquired fairly and for lawful purposes,
  • Accurate and up-to-date,
  • Processed within legal and moral limits,
  • Protected from unauthorized or illegal access by internal or external persons.

The data will not be:

  • Unofficially forwarded,
  • Stored longer than required by law,
  • Transferred to organizations or countries that do not have adequate and transparent data protection rules,
  • Forwarded to parties for whom the data owner has not given consent (except for legal requirements of law enforcement authorities).

In addition to proper data handling, MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. also direct obligations to the persons who entrusted us with the data. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable legislation concerning the protection of personal data:

  • Provide each interested party with information on what personal data we collect and for what purpose, how long we keep it and whether we transfer it to someone else, etc .;
  • Allow any interested party to correct any of their incorrect personal data;
  • Delete all personal data if the conditions for deletion are met, e.g. if you withdraw your personal consent;
  • Initiate proceedings in cases of lost, misused or compromised data.

Data protection activities

  • Restriction and control of access to certain personal data;
  • Development and implementation of transparent data collection procedures;
  • Training of employees to implement personal and technical security measures;
  • Establishing a secure network to protect personal data from cyber attacks;
  • Establish clear procedures for reporting privacy breaches or misuse of data;
  • Establish good data protection practices (document shredding, secure locking, data encryption, regular backups, access permissions, etc.).

What information do we collect on the website?

You can visit our website without providing your personal information. You only need to provide personal information if you send us a request for any service.

In addition to the personal information you provide to us, we also collect information through online cookies. This information may include information about: the website from which you accessed our website, the websites you visit from our website, information about the duration of your visit to our websites. We immediately anonymize the last three digits of your IP address, which means that we cannot identify you by your IP address.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your device when you visit a website. Cookies are used to enable all the functionalities of the website, to adapt certain content to your wishes and to analyze and thus improve the website.

The data collected by cookies is processed for the following purposes: for internal analysis of statistics, to monitor the interests of visitors (without disclosing your identity), to identify server problems, to update the website and for other purposes with which you have agreed unless the law provides otherwise.

Some of the cookies we use are temporary, and some remain stored on your device for a period of time after you leave our website. We use temporary cookies to measure the number of visitors to the website, and we use stored cookies to store contact information for future visits to our website. We also use stored cookies that originate from other websites: e.g. from YouTube, which allows us to view certain video content on our website, advertising cookies and Google Analytics cookies, which we use for statistical analysis of visits to our website. Based on this, we can create content for the site and tailor it to the needs of visitors.

Most browsers automatically accept the use of cookies. You can refuse the use of cookies at any time by changing the browser settings on your device. You can find out more about deleting cookies here and about Google Analytics here.

Your rights

In accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to access your personal data, the right to rectification, the right to erasure ("forgetting"), the right to request a restriction on the processing of personal data and the right to object. We want to make sure that personal information is accurate, valid and complete, so we want and expect that in the event of any incorrect information, the individual will contact us. We will correct the personal information we hold. We will process and respond to your application in accordance with the GDPR. If you believe that your rights or regulations on the protection of personal data have been violated, you can complain to the competent state authority, the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. reserves the right to change the privacy policy on its website In the event of any significant changes, we will post a notice in advance on our website.