In order for your holiday at Vinica Castle to be relaxed and undisturbed, and to avoid any misunderstandings regarding our services, please read our booking conditions and house rules in detail. By confirming the reservation, it is considered that you are familiar with the terms and agree with them. In case of violation of house rules, the provider may cancel the reservation and charge the price in accordance with the offer.

In the following, the terms "CLIENT" apply to an individual guest, business guest, organizer or representative of a company that organizes an event at Vinica Castle for its company or as an intermediary. "ACCOMMODATION" applies to suites and apartments of Vinica Castle, which are rented out by the provider. "PROVIDER" is Vinica Castle, which is owned and managed by MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. An "OFFER" is only valid when it is sent by the provider.

The agreement on the terms and conditions of the provider shall enter into force upon written confirmation of the offer. Once the offer is confirmed, an agreement is reached on general terms and on the terms of the reservation in full. The same conditions apply to all bookings made differently, for example through agencies or online intermediaries. Unless explicitly stated otherwise on the confirmed offer, all conditions from these terms and conditions apply.

Accommodation units

There are 3 accommodation units available at Vinca Castle, which are described on our website. Before making a reservation, make sure of the services and options provided by each accommodation unit. The jacuzzi and sauna are part of the Suite Klarnica and are available exclusively to guests of the Suite Klarnica, who are obliged to follow the rules for the use of wellness services to ensure order and safety. In case of material damage or injuries caused by accidents due to non-compliance with the rules, the guest will be charged an amount equal to compensation for causing damage due to negligence.

Booking process

Reservation can be made through the reservation form on our website by BENTRAL d.o.o. or through other reservation platforms on which the Vinica Castle is present:

  • Booking (Vinica Castle)
  • Via Slovenia
  • AirBnb
  • Tripadvisor

With a reservation on an individual platform, the conditions of cancellation of the reservation and the price sometimes vary, so before confirming the reservation, read the conditions published on the reservation platform. For reservations made through the website, the conditions set out below apply.

To confirm the booking via website a prepayment in the amount of 30% of the total reservation is required. You can pay this amount by credit card or by bank transfer. After receiving the prepayment, the provider will send you a voucher, which serves as a confirmation of the reservation.


Vinica Castle offers B&B services. Prices for accommodation include statutory VAT, unless otherwise specified in the offer. Prices include only what is stated in the offer each time.

The prices of overnight stays on different reservation platforms may vary due to different commissions and individual promotions, which are defined in the operating conditions of each reservation platform. The prices also depend on the season and demand. MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. reserves the right to change the price list of services at Vinica Castle at any time. The price from the offer applies to each guest, provided that the offer has been confirmed in time with the prepayment, as specified in the offer. After the expiration of the offer, the provider is not obliged to provide a new offer at the same price.

Tourist tax and promotional fee

In Slovenia, every guest who spends the night at a tourist provider must pay a tourist tax and promotional fee. In the municipality of Črnomelj it costs 1.8 EUR per night for an adult, for children up to 7 years it is free of charge, and for children up to 18 years it is costs 0,90 EUR. Tourist tax and promotional fee is charged for each day of accommodation and must be paid at the check-out.


You will be asked to pay the accommodation invoice at the check in. You can pay in cash or by credit card to the bank account of MIRAG INVEST d.o.o. We accept the following payment cards:

  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Vpay
  • JCB
  • UnionPay

All obligations, including additional costs for food, drink, massage or any other additional services, must be paid before check-out. In the event that the guest forgets to report damage caused in the room or consumption from the minibar or any other paid services and products that have not (yet) been settled, Vinica Castle reserves the right to charge his payment card for these costs or issues an invoice and sends it to the guest by e-mail within 24 hours after the departure of the guest.

(This only apples to residents of Slovenia)

At Vinica Castle, you can pay for a bed and breakfast with tourist vouchers issued to the citizens of the Republic of Slovenia during the COVID-19 crisis by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. Before making a reservation, make sure of the value of your tourist vouchers. In case the guest does not have a tourist voucher at check-out, the bill must be settled by other means of payment. Vouchers can cover the costs of bed and breakfast, while tourist tax and other services are paid extra (cash or credit card). After the check-out, the provider will keep a completed form and copies of IDs, as required by regulations. You can find more about tourist vouchers here.

Gift cards

Gift cards are valid until the date indicated on each card. If no date is stated, it is considered valid until the end of the current calendar year or a maximum of 1 year. For expired gift cards, 50% of the value is taken into account.


Discounts are taken into account exclusively with confirmation by the provider, that states the value and conditions of the price reduction.


We do not provide cots at Vinica Castle. Guests are required to indicate the exact number and age of children when booking. For children under the age of four, we offer free accommodation if the children sleep with their parents. For families with children, the Žametovka room, which has 2 bedrooms, is suitable.

House pets

Pets are allowed at Vinica Castle by prior arrangement in the Ranina and Žametovka units. In the Suite Klarnica, pets are strictly forbidden in order to keep the wellness units clean. The provider has the right to cancel or change the reservation in case the guest shows up with the pet without prior notice. The price for one pet is 25 EUR / night.

Right of the provider to reject, change or cancel the reservation

We reserve the right to refuse a reservation and in special circumstances the right to cancel, adjust or change your arrangement. If we need to cancel, adjust or change a reservation, we will do our best to offer an alternative date. If you do not accept our alternative offer, we will refund all the money deposited. The liability of Vinica Castle is limited to the return of the deposit. Vinica Castle is not responsible for any other damage.

Cancellation policy

Unless explicitly stated on the confirmed offer otherwise, guests can cancel the reservation under the conditions as defined below. In order to avoid potential costs of the cancellation of your booking, we advise you to decide for travel insurance with an insurance company

Low and Middle season (4. January30. June; 1. September – 21. December)

Guests can cancel the reservation free of charge up to 10 days before the arrival. In case of later cancellation of the reservation, 30% of the total amount on the offer (value of the prepayment) will be charged.

High season and holidays (1. July - 31. August; 22. December - 3. January)

Cancellation up to 14 days before arrival is free of charge. Cancellation 13 to 5 days before arrival is charged in the amount of 30% of the total amount on the offer (advance value). In case of later cancellation of the reservation, the provider (Vinica Castle) may issue an invoice to the guest in 100% of the value of the reservation amount.

In the event of a re-declaration of a pandemic, different conditions of cancellation apply, which are determined in real time, taking into account the interests of the guest.

Group reservations

When booking more than one unit, different cancellation policies apply.

For special offers or offers where cancellation is not possible, we will charge your payment card on the day of booking in the full amount of the offer. In this case, the reservation cannot be changed or canceled, but these conditions will be clearly and unambiguously evident on the offer itself.

Postponing the reservation

In the event of an emergency (guest's illness, death in the immediate family), it is possible to request a postponement of the reservation dates even after the cancellation period has expired. This may incur additional costs, which are charged in proportion to the peak season and the number of nights when the room could not be rented due to a reservation.


If you are entitled to a refund, you can expect it no later than in 30 days after the approved refund request. Refunds in times of force majeure (earthquakes, floods, natural disasters, epidemics, etc.) are returned within a maximum of 120 days.

Check-in and Check-out

The reservation is valid from 2 pm on the day of arrival until 11 am on the day of departure.


Guests can make a check-in after 2 p.m. The guest is obliged to inform the host about the approximate time of arrival. If the guest does not arrive by 6 pm and does not announce the later time of his arrival, we reserve the right to rent the room to another guest. Early arrival in the room is possible only by prior arrangement and at an additional cost of 50 EUR per room.


Guests must check-out by 11 am. Latest departure is possible only with prior approval and an additional charge; until 2 pm = 30% of the price / night, until 5 pm = 50% of the price / night, after 5 pm = 100% of the price / night.

The reception is open during the working hours of lounge bar and every day between 8 am and 11 am. The provider is available by phone for any questions related to the stay 24 hours a day.

Required documents

Upon arrival, we will require a photo ID from all the guests in accordance with the law. A valid document is a passport or identity card or, for citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, a driver's license.

Damage policy

The client accepts all the terms of the contract / offer of accommodation, as well as any extra costs associated with damage that exceeds the usual wear and tear during the rental period.

In case of major stains on inventory or equipment, you agree to pay an additional cleaning fee of at least 100 EUR.

For damage to inventory or equipment, the actual costs of repair or replacement are charged, increased by 20% of handling and administrative costs.

Damage that would be intentionally or unintentionally caused by the guests and would prevent the further use of the room, other premises or inventory or equipment, and would lead to loss of income due to inability to use, will be determined by an independent expert. This cost is also borne by the guest or the person responsible for the damage.

If the guest does not report the damage during the stay to the castle staff, the provider has a right to charge this cost after the departure of the guest. In the absence of another means of payment, the Client expressly authorizes Vinica Castle to debit the Client's credit card for the payment of all listed items. Vinica Castle can also obtain any funds or credit cards from other agents or brokers (AirBnB,, Via Slovenia, Trip advisor, etc.)

Business events

The client of the business event (organizer) is fully responsible for any damage caused to inventory, equipment or any other damage caused by subcontractors of the client and participants in the event. Elimination of the caused damage is calculated according to the actual cost of repair or compensation increased by 20% of manipulative and administrative costs.

In the event that the client / organizer of the business group does not want the participants to provide their payment cards upon registration, he must provide the payment card or security himself and is thus responsible for the participants' costs, including any damage.

Unless stated otherwise in the offer, payment terms with an 8-day deferral of payment after the invoice is issued apply. In case of delay, we charge statutory default interest.

Company information and payment details

Naziv: MIRAG INVEST posredovanje d.o.o.

Address: Vinica 15, 8344 Vinica, Slovenia

ID VAT: SI 34298070

TRR: SI56 3000 0001 5494 040



House rules

We strive to ensure a pleasant, safe and comfortable stay for all guests. In case of violation of the house rules by other guests, which would affect your comfort, we ask you to inform the staff of Vinica Castle and we will do our best to settle the matter as soon as possible.

Quiet hours

At night (from 10 pm to 7 am) it is time to rest at Vinica Castle and all loud parties in rooms and common areas are prohibited. In case of non-compliance with the house rules, you agree to be escorted out of the castle by the receptionist, security guard or other staff so that other guests can rest at night. During business hours of the lounge bar, guests can hang out at the bar terrace, where the noise is not disturbing.

Business events

Vinica Castle occasionally hosts business or private events such as weddings, seminars, wine tastings, team-buildings etc., which could possibly affect your stay at the castle. If you think such events might bother you, please check with us if there are any events planned before confirming your reservation.


Free parking spots are available right next to the Vinica Castle. Please do not leave valuables and money in vehicles, as we are not responsible for the safety of your items.


Smoking is not allowed in the interior of Vinica Castle. Indoor smoking is also prohibited by law. We make a special effort to provide clean rooms for our guests. In case of smoking, we will charge you the cost of deep cleaning in the amount of 200 EUR.

Jacuzzi and sauna instructions
  • Consult your doctor before visiting the sauna in case you have any health issues; in many diseases sauna and heat are recommended, but in some they are not.
  • Using a jacuzzi or sauna during pregnancy can harm a baby's development due to a sudden change in body temperature. If you are pregnant, consult your doctor.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances are not allowed to use the jacuzzi and sauna.
  • Prolonged exposure to high temperatures may lead to a risk of hyperthermia (body temperature rises above normal). Use the jacuzzi within the normal range.
  • Infants and babies are more susceptible to hyperthermia due to their thin skin. Hot tub is not suitable for the children under the age of 5. Even when children are old and tall enough, they should not use a hot tub for more than five minutes at a time. Keep young children away from hot tub and spa unless there is constant adult supervision. Parents or guardians are responsible for the safety and hygiene of the children.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring food, drinks or dirty objects into the jacuzzi or sauna.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the hot tub.
  • Take a shower every time before entering the jacuzzi. Remove your make-up and tie long hair.
  • Swimsuits are prohibited in the sauna as they pose a potential threat to the spread of bacteria and microbes. Please use a sauna towel.
  • In the event of a thunderstorm, the use of the hot tub is prohibited due to the risk of electric shock.
  • When you finish using the hot tub, cover it with a dedicated cover.
  • Do not use the Jacuzzi in case you have diarrhea or have had it in the last week.
  • Do not swallow bathing water, do not cough into the water, do not blow from the nose, do not rinse the mouth, do not excrete urine.
  • The temperature of the water depends on external influences, and we can not provide the desired temperature at all times. The water is heated 1 degree per hour and when changing the water, it sometimes doesn't reach the desired temperature until the arrival of the guest.
Use of room and inventory
  • Moving furniture is not allowed in any accommodation unit at Vinica Castle.
  • It is forbidden to take utensils, towels, blankets, decorations and small inventory out of the room.
  • Use of towels for the purposes of cleaning, wiping spilled liquids, etc. is prohibited. If you need cleaning supplies or want staff to freshen up your room, please contact the staff.
  • Upon departure, guests are required to take away or discard the food and drink they have brought in the fridge.
  • The introduction of weapons, flammable or explosive substances is strictly prohibited. It is also forbidden to introduce any substances or objects with a strong or disturbing smell.
  • It is strictly forbidden to keep in the room any third parties who are not guests of Vinica Castle. In the event that the provider finds a violation in this regard, it may cancel the reservation to all guests and charge the full price as specified in the offer.
Odgovorno bivanje in skrb za materialno lastnino

Goste naprošamo da v času bivanja skrbno in odgovorno ravnajo z opremo in morebitne okvare takoj javijo osebju. Prav tako:

  • Ko zapustite sobo poskrbite, da so ugasnjene luči in elektronske naprave ter zaprte pipe.
  • Ob uporabi klimatskih naprav poskrbite, da so okna zaprta.
  • V primeru neurja ali obilnih padavin poskrbite, da so okna in vrata zaprta. V kolikor vas ni v sobi in pustili odprto okno ali balkon vas prosimo, da obvestite osebje.
  • Odlaganje smeti in odpadkov v wc školjko ali na druga nepredvidena mesta je prepovedano.
  • Kadilce naprošamo, da odlagajo cigaretne ogorke v namenske koše.
Prehranske posebnosti

Zajtrk je vključen v ceno nočitve in je za goste sob na voljo vsak dan od 8.00 do 10.00 ure. V primeru alergij in prehranskih posebnosti, nam to nujno sporočite ob rezervaciji in pri zajtrku iz varnostnih razlogov preverite pri osebju, ali obrok res ne vključuje živil, ki niso primerna za vas.

Mini bar

Vsebina minibara je plačljiva po cenah, navedenih na ceniku v sobi. Gost je ob odjavi dolžan obvestiti receptorja o porabi pijače iz mini bara. V kolikor gost receptorja ne obvesti o porabljeni pijači, mu je račun izstavljen naknadno v roku 24 ur po elektronski pošti.

Vnos hrane in pijače

Vnos lastne pijače in hrane v bar ni dovoljen. V primeru konzumacije v skupnih prostorih gradu se lahko obračuna postrežnina. Ob vnosu lastne hrane in pijače v sobo morajo gostje poskrbeti, da hrano ob odjavi odnesejo in zavržejo morebitne odpadke. V nasprotnem primeru si Grad Vinica pridržuje pravico, da zaračuna strošek postrežnine, ki vključuje delo čiščenja in odnašanja embalaže. Prav tako ni dovoljeno odnašanje hrane od zajtrka. V kolikor gostje tega vendarle ne bi spoštovali, bo hotelsko osebje obračunalo polno ceno obroka na sobo gosta.


V ceno nočitve z zajtrkom je vključeno osnovno čiščenje sobe. Goste naprošamo, da med svojim bivanjem vzdržujejo zmerno čistočo. V primeru, da se ob odjavi iz sobe ugotovi, da je gost med svojim bivanjem povzročil hujšo umazanijo, zaradi katere bo ponudnik primoran naročiti globinsko čiščenje ali čistilni servis z zahtevnejšimi postopki čiščenja, se gostu zaračuna dodatnih 50 EUR ali več, skladno s povzročeno škodo.

Brisače in posteljnina

Posteljnina in brisače so vključene v ceno nočitve z zajtrkom. Vsakemu gostu so za prvi dan bivanja na razpolago 1x medium in 1x velika brisača ter večje število majhnih brisač za obraz in roke. Za dodatne brisače gostje lahko zaprosijo med zajtrkom. Gostom, ki ostanejo dlje, se vsakih 7 dni menja posteljnino.


Ključ, ki ga gost prejme ob prijavi, odpira glavna vhodna vrata in sobo. Za izgubljene ključe se zaračunava odškodnino v višini 100 EUR.

Izguba in poškodba lastnine gostov

Preden zapustite grad se prepričajte, da v sobi niste ničesar pozabili. Žal ne moremo odgovarjati za izgubljeno ali poškodovano lastnino ali za poškodbe, ki ste jih vi ali kdo iz vaše družbe utrpeli med nastanitvijo na Gradu Vinica ali naši posesti. Prav tako soglašate, da boste v primeru prihoda policije sodelovali z državnimi organi in po svojih močeh pripomogli k odkritju nepridipravov.

Pritožbe zaradi okvar

Če v sobi pride do kakšnih okvar, mora gost o tem nemudoma obvestiti grad ali njegove predstavnike ter dovoliti, da v doglednem času odpravi težavo.

V primeru, da gost tega ne stori, zavračamo vsakršno možnost poznejših reklamacij ali zahtevkov po vračilu denarja. S tem eksplicitno soglašate, da se odrekate pravici do reklamacije ali zahtevkov po vračilu (dela) denarja po vašem odhodu.

Dostop in pravica vstopa

Pridržujemo si pravico, da vstopimo v sobo v primernem času in iz upravičljivih razlogov. Naše osebje in vzdrževalci lahko iz upravičljivih razlogov, še posebej zaradi nujnih vzdrževalnih del in pregleda ali ob sumu na grobo kršitev hišnega reda, vstopijo v sobo.

Prezračevanje in klimatizacija

Vse sobe in javni prostori so klimatizirani. Gostje si lahko v sobi nastavijo temperaturo individualno in klima napravo tudi v celoti ugasnejo. V zimskem režimu je temperatura sobe nastavljena na priporočljivo temperaturo 21-23ºC in se ogreva s talnim gretjem, dodatno ogrevanje sobe je mogoče z individualno nastavitvijo klime.


Zaradi novega koronavirusa Covid-19 v času vašega bivanja morda lahko veljajo zakonske ali druge omejitve za dostop do storitev ali ponudbe, ki je zato lahko okrnjena. Dolžnost gosta je, da se o teh omejitvah pozanima pred potrditvijo rezervacije in prihodom v hotel. Kakršnihkoli reklamacij vezanih na to v času prihoda ali po njem ne sprejemamo.

Covid-19 ukrepi in vpliv na storitve

Varnost in zdravje naših gostov je naša ključna prioriteta. Zaradi nove globalne korona-krize in povezanih zdravstvenih zadržkov, smo sprejeli dodatne ukrepe za varnost gostov in zaposlenih. Ukrepi med drugim vključujejo predvsem:

  • redno merjenje temperature pri zaposlenih,
  • redno umivanje in razkuževanje rok zaposlenih,
  • redno čiščenje / razkuževanje obremenjenih prostorov,
  • zaščitne maske za zaposlene tam, kjer ni mogoče vzdrževati razdalje,
  • označbe za primerno razdaljo, kjer je to potrebno,
  • posebno čiščenje / razkuževanje ob menjavi gosta v sobi,
  • razkuževalniki rok na ključnih mestih in v vsaki sobi,
  • zajtrk se streže (ukinitev bifeja),
  • umik dekorativnih blazin in nekaterega ostalega dekorja in nekaterih elementov iz sob za goste

Goste prosimo, da upoštevajo, da:

  • vstopajo le zdrave osebe, tudi brez blagih znakov okužbe (kašelj, nahod, izcedek iz nosu in oči, povišana telesna temperatura, bolečine v žrelu, grlu),
  • skrbite za vsaj 1,5 m varnostne razdalje,
  • v skupnih notranjih prostorih uporabljate masko ali druge oblike zaščite,
  • si redno umivate roke in jih na točkah kjer je na voljo razkužilo tudi razkužite,
  • zakašljajte / kihnite v robček ali zgornji del rokava,

Ker se epidemiološka slika spreminja in s tem pogoji prehodov meja, vladne odredbe in zakoni, ne moremo odgovarjati za morebitne spremembe v ponudbi ali omejitvah storitev, ki so povezane s Covid-19, ter za to ne sprejemamo odgovornosti ali reklamacij.