Wine production is a typical Slovenian industry, that through centuries developed three main regions of wine production. Vinica is located in White Carniola, which is part of the south-eastern region Posavje. Slovenia knows six officially recognized autochthonous wine varieties: ranina, klarnica, ranfol, vitov grbani, zelen and žametovka, which can be added to the seventh wine variety, pinela. We chose one wine variety from each region to give names to our rooms, considering the characteristics.

Podravska wine region

Ranina (bouvier) was discovered by Austrian winemaker Clotar Bouvier in vineyards near Gornja Radgona around 1900. In Slovenia, ranina is the earliest variety, which is included in its name (sl. rano = early). Ranina contains extremely large amounts of sugar and is suitable for special qualities. The wine is rich, gently acidic, rich in alcohol and extract. It has a pure characteristic flower and aroma. It perfectly summarises the features of our room, to which the sun rays start to shine at the earliest hour, and has pure characteristics.

Sunrise view from Ranina

Primorska wine region

Klarnica is a white old grape variety from Vipava valley and is named after Mrs. Clara, who planted it around her house in the 16th century. It was found in her overgrown garden and first mentioned in 1844 as the Clare border. It is also known as mejina (from Slovenian word meja, meaning border). It is a fertile variety that ripens late and in some places, it produces sparkling wine, which is typical of celebrations, just like klarnica suite is great for special occasions. The wine is pleasant and the rich body leaves a long memory in the mouth.

Posavska wine region

Žametovka is one of the oldest domesticated wine varieties in Slovenia, which is also found in White Carniola. The vine ripens late and produces many grapes and is extremely resistant to pests. For the soil, it is not a picky variety, but for the position, it only succeeds in typically vineyard sunny locations. The wine is light red with extremely fruity scent and fresh sour taste. Žametovka is the apartment in the former tower that was built in 15. century for protection against Turkish invasions. Resistance for enemies is a common feature between žametovka and our apartment in the tower. The strategic position reminds us of the importance of choosing a sunny location that is essential for žametovka. In Slovenian town, Maribor, a single vine Žametovka is recognized as the oldest living vine in the world, still producing fruit at over 400 years of age.

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